Cheektowaga Community Cemetery

Cheektowaga Town cemetery / Union Road cemetery

Cheektowaga, Erie County New York USA

Cemetery notes and/or description:

HISTORY: established Feb 16, 1854 Cheektowaga Town Board minutes extracts:

Burying ground needed­

March 7, 1848: At the annual town meeting, which was held at the home of Mathias Gerber, the question of a burying grounds for the community was discussed. The board of officers appointed a committee of Israel Ely, Jessie Vaughn and John Dickey to locate a public burying ground.

March 1, 1853: The board approved today the first step in acquiring a public burying ground. They approved a resolution to raise $175 for the purpose of locating a burying ground.

Deed dated February 16, 1854 lot # 13 11th township 7th range recorded in book #152-page 94 Erie County Clerk

March 7, 1854: The Town Officers today approved a resolution to raise an additional $50.00 for the purpose of fencing and completing the burying ground.

At a meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cheektowaga held at the house of Joseph Duringer this 10th day of May 1891:

To JH Brown (Clerk), Joseph Duringer, Frederick Stephan, Mathias Hourt, Wm. Brennan (Justices of the Peace) Members of the Town Board of the town of Cheektowaga:

Gentlemen, complaints have been made to me regarding the dilapidated condition of the cemetery owned by the Town of Cheektowaga and upon investigation find that the said complaints are not without foundation. The fence is down in parts, some of the posts rotted off. Gates in very bad condition and is used for a common pasture. Now in my estimation or in the estimation of any true minded citizen, this should be remedied, the fence and gates repaired and the underbrush cut down. This all could be done at a very moderate expense. If agreeable will you sign the following resolution: RESOLVED That a sum not to exceed twenty-five ($25) be expended on the cemetery lot owned by the Town of Cheektowaga for the purpose of improving repairing fence and gates and removing noxious weeds and underbrush and the Supervisor be directed to pay the same out of the license monies…”

May 19, 1897: It was further moved and seconded that the commissioners’ causes to be repaired the fences surrounding the town cemetery and also put new hitching posts on the road fronting of said cemetery, the expenses to be paid out of the license moneys now in the hands of the supervisor–carried.

August 30, 1897: At a special meeting of the Town Board held at the house of Wm. Criqui in the Town of Cheektowaga-present: Stock, Wildly, Criqui, Fosset, Forster, Hourt and Fath, the Commissioner of Highways said meeting being called for the purpose of improving the Town Cemetery. It was moved and carried that Mr. Criqui be appointed a committee of one to oversee the grading and improving of the cemetery and of the hiring of the labor to be employed. It was also moved and seconded and carried that an iron fence be built on Union Road fronting the cemetery. It was moved and seconded and carried that Stock, Criqui and Fath be appointed a committee to see the buying of iron fence and hitching post. Frank Wildly, Clerk.

June 15, 1925: Motion moved by Schiesel seconded by Besser that the Highway Superintendent be directed to erect concrete posts around the Town Cemetery and place chains thereon, carried.

September?, 1954 Town Board Meeting item #26: Councilman Nagel presented the following resolution and moved its adoption: …the Town of Cheektowaga is the owner of a tract of land which has been used as a cemetery, but no burials have been made in said cemetery for upwards of 50 years, according to knowledge, information and belief …requested an estimate from Edgar Krauch, doing business under the name of Amherst Memorial submit a bid of the cost of removing said bodies interred in said cemetery to a cemetery providing perpetual care…

…on May 6, 1954 the said Edgar Krauch submitted a bid to remove approximately thirty graves, furnish plain wooden rough boxes for reinterred, transport the remains to the Bowmansville Perpetual Care Cemetery, furnish a Quincy granite all finished monument appropriately lettered with sandblast letters and eight grass markers of granite lettered to conform with the inscription shown on old stones now in the cemetery. Foundations of cement for all stones included. Grave space and opening and closing of new graves in Bowmansville Perpetual Cemetery also provided, also to provide all necessary work involved to be covered in this proposal, for the sum of $2,230 on the basis of 30 graves to be opened. If more than thirty graves are to be opened an additional cost of $30 per grave to be added…. this Town Board by appropriate resolution authorized the Supervisor and the town Attorney to apply to the Supreme Court for an Order, pursuant to section 296 of the Town Law to abandon said cemetery…. the Supreme Court on September 10, 1954 granted an order …that the remains of deceased persons buried in said cemetery be removed and reinterred in the Bowmansville Perpetual Care Cemetery. Resolved that the proposal of Edgar Krauch, doing business under the name of Amherst Memorial Co… accepted …that upon completion of the proceedings the property be sold at public auction to the highest bidder…

Town Board meeting #35 pg 232-233 October 4, 1954 Notice to bidders’ sale of abandoned Town Cemetery on Union Rd. near Genesee St…

This 100-year-old cemetery was also known as the “potter’s field.” Located on The Union Path, just a few blocks north of the Plank Road (now named Union Road and Genesee Street – (at Leo Place, east of the Airport Plaza.) The abandoned cemetery property owned by the Town of Cheektowaga was sold for $15,500 via auction on October 18, 1954. (Cheektowaga Times Newspaper Oct 21, t954) The bodies were removed in the summer of 1954 and reinterred in the now-named Transit Rural cemetery. Remains were still discovered later when excavation for the new bank building was being constructed.

“Town Cemetery Sold For $15,500 To Real Estate Man Spirited bidding by more than 30 businessmen characterized the sale by the town of abandoned cemetery land opposite the Airport Plaza shopping center. The sale was conducted in the Town Hall Monday afternoon. Alvin W. Wise, Buffalo real estate man who has been instrumental in building six stores in the Airport Plaza, was the successful bidder with the top offer of $15,500. When the bidding reached $10,000 on an offer by Edward Greiner, most of the other bidders dropped out. Mr. Wise raised the bid to $10,200. Samuel Belsito offered $10,500, after which Mr. Greiner and Mr. Wise bid each other up gradually. Irving Smith then offered $15,000. It was topped by Mr. Wise’s offer of $15,100. Mr. Greiner offered $15,200. The other bidders dropped out when Mr. Wise offered $15,500. When queried by the TIMES as to his plans for the cemetery site, Mr. Wise said he had ‘no definite plans “I will make one statement, however,” he quipped. “I don’t intend to use the land for a cemetery. “Death records on file at the Cheektowaga Archives & Records Center beginning in 1883 do list some burials in this cemetery, but no other listing has been located. Death / burial listing is being compiled from the registers for future posting of memorials by the Cheektowaga Historical Assn.Disinterment / re-internment transit permits are located at the Transit Rural Cemetery office, a copy is at the Cheektowaga Historical Museum. Identified by their existing gravestones, these known 8 documented persons re-interred at Transit Rural Cemetery in Bowmansville are:

Name:                                                                       DOD:

Frederick Yeager                                                    9/5/1892

Erik Madson                                                            5/11/1880

Catherina Boechel (nee Nehrboss)                     11/27/1873

Elisabeth Sturm (nee Wahl)                                 1/22/1885

(husband RC faith is in the Chapel Cemetery, she is a German           Lutheran)

Frederick Wasmer                                                 1866

John Nehrboss                                                        5/4/1881

Julia Sommer                                                          5/30/1859

Fred Sommer                                                          5/30/1859