Liberty Park

Liberty Park on the south side of William Street between Union Road and Cayuga Creek Road was a popular destination for picnics and outings as early as 1931. The park was owned by the Kiliszewski Family who lived in a large house at 3100 William Street near the corner of Union Road. The park remained as a picnic grove until the New Liberty Park opened as an amusement park in 1949. Through the mid-1950’s the New Liberty Park advertised as having 12 major rides and 8 kiddie rides. But by its last couple of years of operation 1956 and 1957, they advertised as having only 6 adult rides and 6 kiddie rides. 1957 was the parks last year. Harry Illions was the President of the New Liberty Park.

Liberty Park 1931 right

Right side of a long photo donated by Walczak’s Hardware dated 1931

Liberty Park 1931 middle

Middle section of the photo. Young man standing in the front row with the vest                 Alois Przepiora

Liberty Park 1931 left

Left section of the photo

New Liberty Park 1949

Liberty Park 1949

1949Liberty Park envelope