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The Cheektowaga Historical Association is a not for profit corporation recognized as a public charity under 501 (3) (c) of the internal revenue code and is chartered by the N.Y.S.Board of Regents. In accordance with our mission statement we are dedicated to preserving historical artifacts, promoting preservation of historical sites and promoting interest and education in history, with an emphasis on local history.

In order to fulfill these missions our organization meets monthly both as a board of officers and trustees and at a general membership meeting. The board discusses in addition to general operations, local sites of historical significance, confers with the town historian and local officials on preservation issues and participates in local history projects. An example of such a project is the clean up, recording and preservation of the Bennet Family Cemetery. Our general membership meetings include association business, a museum report, announcements of local history events and ends with a guest speaker on an historical topic.

The association also maintains a web site at cheektowagahistory.org and we create an historical display each year at the Erie County Fairs’ Historical building.

The associations’ greatest responsibility though lies in the task of maintaining and operating the Cheektowaga Historical Museum.  The task of displaying of artifacts and the clean up and minor maintenance is done by association volunteers. Our volunteer docents open the museum a few hours each month and we readily make available openings by appointment for interested guests.